To comply with a State Government regulation the Network Insurance Scheme for U3As in Queensland has increased the Public Liability cover to $20 million or any one claim or aggregate. A separate policy includes Association Liability, and Liability cover for Directors, Office Bearers and Tutors. There is no age limit in any of these policies. However the Volunteers Accident policy has now been extended to cover volunteer workers up to 95 years of age   (previously 80 yrs).

The current policy for all participating U3As is  $2.00 per member. Insurance costs are one of the highest fixed costs U3A has to face. The more U3A groups which join the network scheme the more we can offer real savings for U3A members. 

 U3As who wish to become part of the Insurance Scheme must be members of the Network –currently  at a cost of 40 cents per member. Full details are available from the Treasurer.


In addition to the above benefits for U3A groups,  the Network has negotiated a discounted deal for a blanket copyright licence for all U3A in the Network. The fees for copyright are currently 30c per member plus $10 administration fee.

Our Copyright licence number is 6878 and can be viewed from the following link: Copyright Licence

For further information on Copyright, the "Short Guide to Copyright" from the Attorney General's Department, is available for your convenience on the following link: Short Guide to Copyright

If your group is interested in joining this scheme please contact the Treasurer for details.