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Links to other State U3A Networks

U3A Network NSW

U3A Network Victoria

U3A South Australia


U3A Network WA

Links to National and International U3A bodies

U3A Online

U3A Online offers short courses covering a range of interests for older people who want to study online, site licenses for U3As to print off unlimited numbers of copies of their more than 35 courses, for face-to-face teaching and many other useful resources.

U3A Alliance Australia web site
U3A Alliance Australia web site

U3A Alliance Australia was formed in 2010 to enable the Australian State based U3A Network organisations to establish a platform to promote the interests of U3A at a national level and to encourage closer cooperation between U3As throughout the nation.

International Network for Universities of the Third Age

Other links of interest to U3A groups

Queensland Office of Fair Trading

The Office of Fair Trading promotes the existence of a fair and ethical marketplace within the community. The Seniors section outlines general consumer tips for seniors and includes in its roles the oversight of incorporated non-profit bodies such as U3As.

Broadband for Seniors

Learn more about the $15 million Broadband for Seniors project that many U3As may want to participate in.

More U3A resources

More U3A resources including how to get your own free website.

Links of interest to U3A members and Seniors generally

Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association

The ASCCA is the National Peak Body for Seniors and Technology.

This site has been created for Seniors, particularly Seniors who are interested in using a computer. It carries a wealth of information including data about Seniors Computer Clubs. There are contribution pages and links to other sites of use and value to Seniors.

Every Dollar Counts

The Queensland Government has published a new web site called Every dollar counts. Find out how you can save through this comprehensive guide to concessions and discounts. enhances the quality of life for older Australians through access to a wide range of online information, services and exciting interactive features dealing with active and healthy ageing, including finances, planning, retirement, health, housing, rights and aged care options in Australia, for older people, their carers, family and friends.

Your Life Choices

You will find information, resources, links and fun on the YOURLifeChoices site. Whether your question involves senior citizens, retirees, veterans, pensioners, carers or aged care, YOURLifeChoices provides links of interest. Use this site to also check for updates on superannuation, pensions, Centrelink benefits, retirement planning and more.