U3A Online Inc.

U3A Online offers short online courses and many other useful resources for older people, especially those who are geographically, physically or socially isolated.

U3A Online now has over 60 courses available and new courses are being added regularly so, why not join today?

Two methods of study are available

Independent Study -- from the time your membership payment is received you have free access to all the courses as Independent Study and can access them for as long as you are a financial member.

With a Course Leader --- there is an additional cost of $5 for these courses. There is a starting date for the course, the first week being “housekeeping” and then each week for the next 8 weeks (or for the number of units/topics in the course) a new topic is released. You can work through the topic at your own leisure throughout each week (no actual 'meeting' times) and chat to other participants and the course leader through the online Discussion Forum. After the last topic is released the course notes and discussion remain available to you for a further 6 weeks and then access is denied.

Both options use the same course notes and you are able to download and print the notes for future reference

Join Us

If you wish to undertake a course with U3A Online you need to first become a member of U3A Online.

This costs $30/yr and once a member you are able to enrol in as many courses as you wish, as Independent study, without further cost, throughout your membership period. If you want to do a course with a Course Leader (when they are available) then you need to pay an additional $5 for that course.

You can also then participate in the social forums in the Members’ Area.

To become a member you need to:

  • Go to www.u3aonline.org.au
  • Click on Membership in the left hand column
  • Fill in the form and choose your method of payment. You will then be sent an automated Email confirming your chosen Username and issuing you with a Password ----- these will not be active until your payment is processed.
  • If paying online with a credit card you will follow the prompts to the PayPal site. If you have a PayPal account you can login on the right or, if not, click on the link, bottom left, to bring up the form to fill in to submit your payment.
  • If paying by post you will get the required postal details to allow you to post a cheque, money order or your credit card details.
  • If paying by Bank Deposit you will get the U3A Online bank details and can then make your payment by using your Internet banking or your local bank branch to make a payment directly to the U3A Online account.

Contact Us

You can contact us by email enquiries@u3aonline.org.au or find out more information on our web site www.u3aonline.org.au