Covering your expenses

Each U3A will have expenses that must be covered. Your expenses may include but not be restricted to:

  • Rental of premises where you hold your courses
  • Public Liability & General Insurance - U3A groups may join the Network Insurance scheme.This is encouraged but is not obligatory
  • Purchase and maintenance of equipment
  • Stationery, printing and postage for newsletters, publications
  • Advertising
  • Internet, including access and publishing a web site


Some U3As are offered, or have sought, sponsorship by a larger body (university, local council, local business, etc.). Your committee will need to consider the implications of sponsorship very carefully. Each U3A is autonomous and has the right to determine its own policy, but sponsorship can lead to unwelcome, or even illegal, interference by the sponsoring body. By its very nature any U3A will contain people with widely varying backgrounds, wishes & opinions, and all of these should be taken into account when policies are formulated.

Membership Fees

The universal source of U3A funding is from its membership. Most U3As charge fees in one of two ways. In the first, a single annual membership fee is set, and all expenses are met from that fee. The second model usually has a lower annual membership fee, and members are also charged , on a 'user pays' principle, for their attendance at activities, to pay for the costs involved in staging the activity (rent of venue, equipment, consumables, etc.). Annual fees generally will vary from $20 to $60, and attendance fees, where charged, between $2 and $6 per session.


You can find more information about sources of funding and grants on our Funding page.