Establishing your U3A

Planning Your Programme

You now need to set up a programme of courses for your first full term or semester. Most U3As in Queensland operate on a 4-term year aligned to the State Education system, while others adopt the University 2-semester system. In making you decision as to how you will organise your teaching year, you will have to consider the overall needs of your membership.

Whilst a survey of  members needs may identify their interests, most programs are based on the availability of tutors and their particular skills and abilities. Your first priority will always be to identify and recruit volunteers who are prepared to be tutors.    

Your committee members will need to accept the responsibility to coordinate the programme, to produce and publish information about the courses, and make this information known to members, and also to handle enrolments.

Although the principal intent of the U3A movement is a continuation of learning, and thus most activities are directed to this aim, it is also an association of people in the third age of life who see value in meeting in a relaxed and harmonious environment. This can be greatly assisted if you include some other activities that are directed more towards social needs, such as Bushwalking Groups, Choirs, Theatre Parties, Tennis days, Travel Clubs, Dining-out Groups, Coffee & Chat mornings, board games etc.