Teaching Computing

Attachments to this page are resources developed by members for sharing with other member U3A.  Please click on the links to download the documents in PDF format.

Computers, Internet and Email - hints for finding resources for introducing computing to your students.

Using Powerpoint - to prepare a presentation for your students.

The Apple iPad for Beginners. The following course has been prepared by a tutor in U3A Toowoomba - thank you, Colin. If you wish to use his notes please contact him as per email below. His course has attracted over 150 members so far.  He describes the course as follows:

This is a course for at least two terms, beginning with taking your iPad out of the box! Topics covered include: 

  • 20 ways your iPad can Improve Your Retirement;
  • Simple Setting Up the iPad;
  • Introduction - types of iPads; Accessories; Know your iPad Features; The Screen; Navigating Around Your iPad, Extension work
  • Settings - Software Updates; Making Your iPad Safe 
  • Special Features - Training Siri to Help with all features; Forget the Keyboard- Dictation; Keyboard Magic
  • The Internet - Safari; Tethering; Internet Security, Settings For Grandchildren; An Apple ID- Your Account; The Apps and iTunes Store, Useful Apps, Playing Your Music, Audiobooks; iBooks Store- Reading Books; FaceTime and Skype; YouTube; iCloud Backing Up, and Finding Your iPad
  • Email - Settings; Receiving Mail and Data Detectors; Contacts; Sending Mail- photographs and attachments; Messages 
  • Photos and Video - Taking and sending, editing, managing, sharing, Photo Stream, Your iPad as a Digital Photo Frame 
  • Maps - Contacts, Finding features/places, Directions, Information 
  • Advanced topics - The iPad and Your Computer. Using the iPad to Extend Your Independence. Troubleshooting and Resetting. Basic Wordprocessing- Pages. 

For more information about the Apple iPad for Beginners Course:

Contact: Colin McGuire colin.mcguire@me.com