A web site is a great way to advertise your U3A and communicate with your members. In this digital age it is becoming increasingly important to have an attractive and informative website.

You can easily build a web site similar to this for your organisation on Google Sites or similar free sites and it can cost you nothing at all, except some of your time. You don't need a high level of expertise or special software.

Note: A web site will not be quite totally free of cost - You will require a domain name which would cost about $10.00 per year.


Facebook is another great way to promote your U3A. Easy to set up and allows information to be seen by your members instantly as long as they are Facebook account holders.

Facebook, used in conjunction with your website, gives you an arsenal of very powerful promotional tools.

U3A Network Queensland uses Facebook extensively and we would encourage all U3As and members to use this form of social media to promote your organisation.

For more information, please contact The webmaster.